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We are in a world where technology is inescapable. Everywhere we look someone is on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Everywhere we go there is a screen serving out various content: Music, Videos, Photos, Data…how do we handle it all? Where does it all go? How do we control it before it controls us? That may sound a bit dramatic but the reality is this trend will only grow in size and complexity and your clients are going to need real solutions. That’s where Cyberhomes Systems come in.
As technology grows and continues to infiltrate our lives, so do the ways in which we access and control it. In the past it was necessary to have devices everywhere to control the functions of our spaces. Thermostats, Dimmers, Security keypads, Volume Controls, Intercoms, Speakers, at least a dozen remote controls, all of which are unsightly and take up valuable wall space. Today it’s different. We can replace the unsightly 6 gang bank of switches at the front door with 1 elegint design1ant keypad, custom designed to list the control of each button. We can replace the all the other switches, remotes and controls with a single wall mounted touch panel, that gives you access to control the temperature, arm/disarm the security system, turn on or off lights throughout the house, or view whose at the front door. If desired, the same touch panel can also control music throughout the house or turn everything off at the touch of a single button. Clients can even have a picture slide show play on any touch panel in the house when it is not currently in use. All the remote controls become one remote or just use a smart device to control the environment.
At Cyberhomes Systems, we  strive to find ways to seamlessly integrate technology and control with the home’s aesthetics.  That is why we work so well with Interior Design professionals such as you. Our team understands the importance of making the technology disappear yet still be functional when it’s time to use it.  A host of available solutions allow us to hide TVs behind mirrors or framed works of art. If needed speakers can disappear completely, they can be painted or even covered with wall paper and yet they still will sound amazing. Add a touch panel to a wall, eliminate switches and controls and regain valuable space to interior walls.  Become a client today and let’s get started working together to create the perfect synergy between technology and the spaces that people live and work in.

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